7 cool animals on TV shows


Being an animal lover I always asked myself what do my pets actually think about me and their lives with me? Are they happy? Would they rather be somewhere else? Am I doing right by them? Do they love me? But, even though there isn’t any chance I’ll get a straight answer from them anytime soon, this doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy Hollywood’s own interpretation of animals and their lives.

Now, having animals play parts in movies and TV shows may not seem OK for animal rights activists, but for most of these animals, the experience has been a lot of fun. Plus, some of them even earned their owners big checks for their performances, meaning they could afford fancier foods and royal treatment.

So, if you’re curious about what would animals have to say about you, let’s see Hollywood’s own version of getting inside pets’ brains.



Lassie is a fictional dog character first created in the 1940s and then brought to light by the MGM studios in a TV show. On television, there were many reinterpretations of the original play, with TV shows lasting from 1954 to 1973, and then another version airing from 1997 to 1999.

Each of the movies and TV shows revolved around a female Collie dog and her adventures living with humans and their everyday lives. Lassie now is a registered trademark owned by the owner of the “original” Lassie that was, in fact, named Pal. Over the past decades, Lassie’s predecessors have all aired on TV shows, movies, and had other public appearances, increasing the breed’s popularity.

Happy from 7th Heaven

One of America’s most popular family shows, 7th Heaven aired for more than a decade, making famous lots of actors, including Jessica Biel. Happy is the only character, along with the parents of the Camden family who aired in all 243 episodes of the show.

In real life, Happy is played by a white pooch also named Happy in real life. Some of the critics claimed that Happy is the show’s second most attractive character, after Jessica Biel, the second-oldest daughter of the happy family.

Buck from Married with Children

This is probably the most popular animal character in a TV show. But, unlike other dogs that just played their happy parts in the script, Buck gets deeper into the family and even manages to “steal” some of the family traits. He is often greedy and wishes Al would just give him more money or delicious food. Or both for that matter. Without a doubt, he is the smartest member of the crew.

Cynical and money-oriented, Buck died in the 10th season of the show, but his soul reincarnated in another dog named Lucky who later adopted by the Bundy family.


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